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P.O. Box 813, 1302 Waugh Drive, Houston, TX 77019



3235 Wentworth Street

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For Rental Information: Call 832-283-7980
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, Whirlpool tub
Kitchen with kitchen Island
Office area attached to living room
Backyard with large tree
Covered Parking
Quiet neigborhood
1984 Sq. Ft.

Perfect for a couple or small family

Rent: $1500 month
Security Deposit: $1500

Rental Status: Available

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4641 Wild Indigo, Unit #433

Electricity and cable included

1 bedroom
1 bath
Pool on premises.
Laundry facilities on premises

Close to Greenway Plaza, Galleria and Medical Center.
Over 890 Sq. Ft.

Rental Status: Rented

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For Renters: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the lease?
A. Unless circumstances warrant otherwise, minimum first time lease is 6 months. Longer leases will be considered for tenants who have been in the same unit for over a year. Current tenants may choose a month-to-month lease option at a slightly higher rate.

Q. Should I pay by check or cash or electronically?
A. First month's rent and security deposit must be cash, certified check or money order. After that, cash, personal checks are acceptable.

Q. What about pets?
A.There is a nonrefundable $250 pet deposit for uncaged pets.

Q. Can I bring my own washer and dryer, stove or refrigerator?
If you will pay in advance for:

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Removal of appliances by a contractor selected by the landlord.
Storage for current appliances for the duration of your tenancy.
Removal  of your appliances and replacement of landlord's appliances at move out time.
In addition, the tenant will be required to sign a contract stating that the tenant will compensate the landlord in full for any damages incurred as a result of the appliances being remove or installed.

Q. Can I paint my walls a different color?
A. If you will pay in advance for:
   —any paint and other materials required to repaint the unit during tenancy AND on move out, plus
   —a professional painter (chosen by the landlord) who will do all requested painting during tenancy AND upon move out.

Painting by tenants themselves is prohibited since neither the quality of the work nor the cost of materials can be controlled. Painting without permission will result in eviction.

Q. What if something needs fixed?
A. Please call the landlord or property manager as soon as possible. Small plumbing, electrical or air-conditioning problems can become inconvenient, uncomfortable and even dangerous. Prompt reporting will help get the situation back to normal quickly.

Q. Can I put in new flooring, cabinets, fixtures or wiring?
A. No. Major modifications must be approved by the landlord and done only with professional contractors hired by the landlord.

Q. If I call someone to fix something without calling the landlord, can the fee come off of my rent?
A. Changes to the unit without the landlord's authorization are the tenant's responsibility and the tenant is responsible for that fee. Withholding rent for unauthorized, non-emergency repair will be considered non-payment of rent and result in eviction, however, if there is an immediate emergency (e.g. flooding apartment, no air conditioning in August) and neither the landlord nor the property manager can be contacted (e.g. during hurricanes or other disaster), then yes, call for repair immediately and the fee can come off the rent (reciepts will be required) or be paid directly by the landlord. 

Q. If I'm renting a condo  does each condo association have it's own rules?
A. Each different condominium complex has its own set of rules. These rules will be provided to prospective tenants with your application.

Q. Where do I mail the check?
A. If you are not paying by paypal, automatic checking transfer or autopay, the address is:

    P.O Box 813
    1302 Waugh Drive
    Houston, TX 77019

    Please make all checks payable to "Ian Hughes"