Ian Hughes

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  • 24 years of experience in the design, coding, management, and implementation of software test automation systems.

  • 8 years’ experience in the deployment and maintenance of virtualization environments designed to host automated testing systems.

  • 10 years’ experience developing QA-oriented desktop applications and tools in PowerShell, AutoIT, VB.net and C#.


Test Automation: Design and development of automated testing framework for large scale desktop applications using C++, Visual Test, QuickTestPro and TestComplete.

Virtualization: Installation, setup, design and administration of VMWare, Hyper-V and VirtualBox on Windows and Linux using HP Servers and desktop workstations.

Software Development: Design and development of desktop applications for software test automation (i.e. network-based, automated testing system remote control/monitoring applications, bitmap compare, text compare, and database compare tools) using VB.net and C#.

System Configuration: Setup and maintenance of Windows servers and workstations, including automated configuration with PowerShell, AutoIT and VBScript.

Databases: Setup and administration of SQL and Oracle databases (Windows version).

Process: Iterative team-oriented development and testing using Agile and Scrum.

Employment History

Senior Product and Solutions QA Engineer: Pivot3 (March 2017-August 2017)

  • Engineering verification of hyperconverged storage appliances and supporting software.

Principal QA Engineer: IHS Markit (March 2001-February 2017)

Worked as a member of the software QA team using Agile and Scrum methods where QA, product owner(s) and development worked in a set of two week sprints, culminating in the final release.

Test Automation
  • Directed migration of automated testing script content (test case scripts) from Visual Test and QTP to TestComplete.

  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency by driving evaluation and adoption of TestComplete as a new automated testing system platform.

  • Created script automation function libraries for Rational Visual Test, TestComplete and QuickTestPro to for desktop applications.

  • Designed function libraries and a standalone web testing framework in TestComplete.

  • Evaluated, selected and oversaw the purchase and installation of HP Server hardware for use by the automated testing system.

  • Designed virtualization environments for the automated testing system using VMWare, Hyper-V, and VirtualBox on Linux using a mix of new and legacy HP servers as well as standalone desktop systems.

  • Wrote a suite of VBScript and PowerShell scripts to automate workstation and virtual machine configuration, VMWare server status and control as well as database management.

  • Developed training curriculum for new testers.

  • Developed testing tools in C# using UDP to control test automation suites over a network.

  • Developed standalone tools to analyze testing system logs, compare database content, bitmaps and text files.

  • Developed a standalone system information tool for IHS Kingdom which ships with the main product.

Software Engineer: Zibex (July 1998-March 2001)

Worked as main developer for automated installation and configuration system for video kiosk using Microsoft Visual Basic and Rational Visual Test.
  • Developed a web-accessible bug database using Microsoft SQL and Cold Fusion 4.0.

  • Developed test plans and test cases for Zibex products.

  • Performed periodic problem reports during each stage of the development process.

  • Developed online test questionnaires using Microsoft SQL and Cold Fusion.

  • Developed a series of automated stress test scripts for Zibex products using Microsoft Visual Test.

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer: Dowell-Schlumberger (August 1997-June 1998).

Worked as main developer of automated testing system based on Visual Test for FracCADE, Schlumberger's well analysis product.
  • Requirements collection and design review for automated testing system.

  • Published automated test results to the development staff on a daily basis via email.

  • Published automated test results on Schlumberger corporate intranet.

  • Researched test coverage tools.

  • Implemented the daily use of memory leak tools (Heap Agent).

Quality Assurance Manager/Engineer: TCI Software Research (April 1993-August 1997)

Worked as Quality Assurance Manager and software test automation developer.

  • Provided internal technical direction to testing team and other TCI employees.

  • Collaborated with development, marketing and the quality assurance team to schedule QA department team tasks and priorities.

  • Prepared schedules, work plans and test plans for testing team.

  • Participated in design reviews from a quality assurance perspective.

  • Provided direction in problem resolution and design options.

  • Directed the conversion of automated testing system from a collection of ad-hoc TestBasic scripts to an organized system implemented in C++.

  • Made final decision on whether TCI's products were fit to release.

Remote Office Manager: SARA Systems (August 1991- March 1993)

Worked as manager of offshore software/AutoCAD conversion team in Russia.

  • Interacted with Russian personnel by phone daily to monitor production status and schedule download times for finished AutoCAD drawings and software enhancements.

  • Provided technical support and direction to Russian personnel.

  • Supervised transfer of finished products to domestic customers.

  • Provided technical support to customers on IT issues.

  • Wrote user manuals for the main product (SARA Facility Development System).


Available upon request


BA Psychology, Pennsylvania State University